Two solutions
for donor fatigue in 2020/21

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Charities have seen a 48% drop in donations in 2020...sound familiar?

We'll show you how you can reduce your dependence on fundraising events, and use our new free tools to provide sustainable fundraising avenues.

1. Combat donor fatigue

Reduce your reliance on traditional fundraising activities by engaging your donor base as they shop online

Kindred provides you a custom branded tool for your charity and your donor communities.

It collects donations as your donors shop online at their favourite stores.

  • Your own custom branded tool allows you to offer a value add to your own donor base & community, a tool that saves your donors money on their online shopping 
  • Your shopping extension will offer deals on 25,000+ participating stores, and gives the power of the donation amount and cash back split, to the user. This helps with ensuring strong adoption and more frequent donations.
  • Once a donor has added the extension to their browser the uninstall rate is very low as there is no compelling reason to stop donating or saving money, therefore you get far more donations over time for the initial effort of promoting it
  • Provides a steady stream of donations not reliant on events or activities, that compounds monthly and annually
  • Engages Gen Z and Millennials as an audience who shop online and want to shop with a conscious, and makes them lifelong monthly donors to your charity through their shopping

We provide you a branded landing page, a branded extension and all the marketing materials you need to help share the message with your donor base. With no fees or costs whatsoever. 

Watch the video below or install the cash back extension to see how it works. Available on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge browsers.

2. Launch Charitable Merchandising

Partner with Kindred to launch your own line of charitable merchandise. We want to do our bit to raise the maximum amount of money for global charities through everyday purchases so we will actively work with you to come up with a tailored plan and handle the following:

Stage planning

Tailored plan

A tailored plan that reflects your charities message will be created along with all the supporting design assets

Ecommerce Merchandising

Full e-commerce store

A full e-commerce store will be setup for you, including payment solutions so you have one less thing to worry about

Digital Traffic

Monthly Dashboard

A monthly dashboard to gauge performance and monitor incoming donations throughout the life of the campaign

The full list of how Kindred can help includes:

  • Delivering an end-to-end merchandising solution for your charity
  • Sourcing ethically sustainable and organic products
  • Handling of full e-commerce setup, including payment solutions
  • Creating all marketing and asset creation to support campaign
  • Providing a monthly dashboard to gauge performance and monitor incoming donations
  • Giving 100% of the proceeds after costs to your charity

Case Study:
Kindred raises £500K for NHS Charities Together

Kindred ran a charitable merchandising campaign called, 'Thank You Rainbow' selling t-shirts, with all proceeds donated to support the NHS Charities Together.


Here's some of the amazing coverage:

Thank You NHS Collage-1